Ah ! Thank you C. It’s really a traditional recipe. Think I will try yours a week before Christmas. I will also ask my grandmother how her mother used to make it. I can remember being asked to check if the raisins are floating in the big white cast iron bucket. It was poured out of glass bottles and toward the end of the holiday the last bit definitely had ‘skop’ – a bit of a kick. Modern recipe I found http://whatsforsupper-juno.blogspot.com/2007/06/old-fashioned-home-made-ginger-beer.html

I love walnuts, but do not get to eat them often. It sounds interesting. I think they must be able to breath a bit if you store them long term. We used to crack open pecan nuts by putting two in your hand and giving them a squeeze. We also get macadamia nuts and cashew nuts. I had a almond tree in my garden in the Cape province. I know that you need to do your homework before harvesting some nuts – as the outside fruit can be poisonous sometimes.
We pay a lot of money for a small packet of nuts here…

I think I am going to try and grow lentils. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/grow-lentils-pots-96545.html