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Selco, I truly mean thanks to everyone who responded to my Intro. I was cautious as before I formally joined, I had read quite a lot on the List . & realized social service types, let alone gov’t employees, were pretty broadly painted as either inept & lazy, or uncaring without an ounce of advocacy for clients, let alone would ever go the extra mile. I was won over by member’s honesty & their stories. In all my years with interest in preparing, I never realized that as a group, how many survivalists/preppers (I don’t know what to call us), have had & a number still do, struggles & experienced terrible events in their lives. All of a sudden a light bulb went off. I am fascinated by reading what caused members to become interested in prepping. This List is a life saver for me. Its not just didactic nor do any of the members i’ve read rant & scream cussing incessantly so that the message gets lost. i’ve gotten too long winded when all I originally wanted to say is how much I enjoy the articles you write & those of members. Whew, finally I have found a List that gives me the info I need. Thank you.

"When opportunity knocks......
some people object to the noise"