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74 lol. don’t read into it to much, I don’t exactly support the movement either. and its always a giggle to watch the police dash cam as they pull one over.

the guy in the video on the other hand, completely owned that judge. as soon as she got up and left the room the court case was dismissed.

knowledge of law to the letter is very handy, but it still doesn’t mean the system is fair, or even cares…

telling a judge they are wrong usually brings out the monster of insecurity, good luck with that rational argument.

its very important to pick your battles.

I wouldn’t have even cared so much, if I hadn’t spent a whole fking hour trying to post those two links… and then last night with the Disney post… just hardens my determination to post… censorship is infuriating… (not suggesting this site was censoring it either, I thought I may have posted to many things to quickly, and a monitor needed to give the a ok.) not the first time I have had trouble posting those vids either… don’t even get me started on the military mal ware that keeps poping up on the cpus I visit… (have fun sorting through that mountain of **** analysts…)

also, if a man is starving, he has absolutely every right to feed himself… to insist they should lay down and die out of sheer nobility … just… grrrrr.. *blood boiling…*

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.