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You all do a great hello. Thanks. I dropped off of most of the prepper lists b/c of the intolerance toward people with my background in gov’t & SW; seemed terribly juvinile.There are a number of great sites with lots of info, like Dr . Bones & Nurse Amy, but I was looking for dialogue, not just skill development. I don’t mind disagreement at all & have been told i’m too much of a hot head on occasion. Yeah, I do have lots of experience & have been preparing since I was in college, so you can see I’m not quite old as moses. My father influenced my ideas while I was in high school. Yes, i’m originally a CityGal, born in DC & raised 15 miles outside of the city. My friends thought I was a nut for marrying a country boy from the mtns, who lived on a small farm, family w/ 9 kids raising almost all their food. The kids started working in the fields @ age 5. My dad worked on an Army program preparing for nuclear war & rebuilding the country afterwards. Being the eldest of 7, my mother and I realized w/ Kennedy’s threat to the Russians in 1962, that my dad expected nuclear war w/in 24 hrs. Even though he had been secreting supplies away, living just a short distance from the city, we would be toast. So I’ve spent my life preparing years before anyone used the term Prepper. I’ve seen horrors on long term deployments, listened to police cry over child deaths, bundled dead bodies when I ran w/ Rescue, and I feel that you guys are just what I was looking for. I will follow up with your recommendations. plan to sign up for the course tomorrow. I can learn so much from all of you. THANKS…

"When opportunity knocks......
some people object to the noise"