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The BLR is a neat rifle. It has bolt action capabilities but with a lever action’s rate of fire. They also make a takedown version of it. I’ve heard of people with .308 BLR’s having taken BLR mags and FAL mags and with a MIG welder and some machinework, made hi-cap BLR mags out of them.

A while back I was watching a documentary of modern Eskimo hunters out on the icepack and the man they acknowledged as their best hunter was carrying a BLR. I couldn’t tell what caliber it was, but being Alaska and being a BLR, my guess it was a .300 WinMag or something similar. He killed a whale from shore with it and it resulted in a significant geyser of blood that just shot straight up when the whale was hit. He said the trick to shooting a whale was to catch it as it inhaled so it didn’t sink. The whole bunch of them then drug it ashore and slaughtered it on the ice.