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I just looked at it briefly , and bookmarked it for later reading . But my first take on it is that its clearly an over religious slant . I personally prefer more Constitutional based reading . Like anything else , take what you want if you get something out of it that helps you , and leave the rest . The part about the English language was kind of strange . Again its his personal opinion and not fact . He fails to mention that English ( and all languages ) are constantly evolving . We dont speak old english anymore , we cant even understand its meaning very well anymore . The grammar nazis are having a fit right now , because they are part of the present day past , and not the future , as the english language is evolving again as we speak . The written language is too complicated , and you can see people dropping all the BS , and getting to the meat of conversation every day in texting . Words are shortened , its more phonetic , etc. ………..that will , and is going to carry over into the written language . Words and structure will eventually be changed . Languages evolve in the direction of how people actually speak vs. what some scholar thinks is proper .