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MountainBiker, On your statement “Whirlibird, the problem with shunning is most of us have no way of knowing who came here legally vs illegally.”

How you can tell is that the one’s that come here legally are proud to be Americans and you can tell when you ask them. The legal one’s will make sure you know they came here legally. They are also mad as hell about the illegals getting an easy pass when they worked hard for it. They did everything legally and it took time, a lot of work and money to do it the right way.

Here in Miami we have many legal and illegals and can tell you the one’s that did it legally are bad because these illegals think that they are smarter then them for doing it illegally.

I am mad not only of this happening but also about Obama doing this when the Constitution says very clear that he can’t. The rule of law as been broken.