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74, yeah I know. Pisses me off to no end to hear ‘Bams and the gang forever talking as if these folks benefit the economy. Yes they come here for a better life, but for the majority that better life is one of freebies from Uncle Sugar. It’s bad enough dealing with our own entitled underclass without adding millions more. A majority of the kids and grandkids of these folks will become productive members of society but that doesn’t make illegal immigration OK. We don’t need to support the 1st generation in hopes of getting some payback from the 2nd and 3rd generation. There is no shortage of people who want to legally come into the country who would be self-supporting in the 1st generation.

Another aspect that the politicians don’t want to talk about are the ” newly legal” then sponsoring their elderly parents and grandparents to come in who then eventually go on the dole themselves.