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Hello Ron S,

actually what you see in the media, is a bullsh1t. Unfortunately their owners structure clearly shows they cant be honest and right and they aren’t. From what we saw about that “maidan”, which was nothing more than a military putsch of extremists financed by the westr, like Victoria Nuland clearly confirmed, and what see today from media, is in total opposite of what is going on there in reality.

The situation is horrible there in Ukraine, but it is still modest to what is happening in Iraq of Syria, or Libya today. The people in east part of Ukraine are bombed there by so called their own army, which was paid by them through taxes before. Now, after the junta took over the power Kiev through military putsch, and as the first point they said they prohibit Russian language from official communication, and started with shouting “Ukraine to Ukrainians”, and “Clean nation” and so on, those guys in the east who are mostly Russian ethnics said they simply don’t accept it, and voted in democratic elections to have their own republics. That is why they are murdered by the fascists from Kiev today. Other things which are happening there I even don’t want to mention.

You hear from other parts of Ukraine that some of those fanatics are saying might be Poland or Slovakia should return to them their land and so on. The even named a Nazi criminal Stepan Bandera, responsible for torture and murdering more than 100 000 people, their national hero. Not joking. It is their hero now, even it is clearly proved he was a mass murder during the 2nd World War. Today they worship him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnUdc2fD9pg

They blame Russia, for being in the east of Ukraine, so they cant murder all “moskal” as they call Russians in silence, to have finally their country “clean” as they say, and so on, but if they are asked to prove it with a simple prove, they say “we have the prove Russians are there, but we don’t show it to you, just believe us”. What a hypocrisy.

We just hope those idiots in the politics don’t follow the agenda of creating the war in Europe again, to keep the big pigs in power.

I just need to be ready that things go to hell, thats all.