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These days I try to lay off the canned food. Found out they are putting endocrine disruptors as a plastic liner inside a lot of canned goods/plastics.

its also the best theory i’ve seen as to why young girls are hitting puberty earlier and earlier… and lower testosterone in men (tho men really despise that thought bpa is pretty much artificial estrogen if I am not mistaken)

its also effecting fish if that wasn’t bad enough… we get so much bpa and endocrine disruptors (there are others…) that we pee it out, and it ends up in rivers… same thing with the pill for women apparently, it passes through and ends up in the rivers if you can believe it.

baby bottle producers scrambled to remove BPA when they saw the public flip out over it.

its a controversial topic currently.

If its canned at home or local on the other hand then *thumbs up*. I keep most of my cans for trade, and the occasional moment of laziness / weakness for mushroom soup and crackers.

Off topic, but I also keep my rice for trade only, aside from the safe stuff. Because arsenic is being used in the paddys as an insecticide, and because it accumulates in the soil over and over, we where advised in Canada to not eat more than one cup of rice per week, and to be extremely careful with babys, because a lot of baby food is made with rice. :( sorry if that’s news :(

*edit when I saw the report on arsenic in rice, in Canada, there was no legal limit on how much their could be. Hopefully that changed. Most of the bad rice is coming out of china.

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