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Thanks for all the feedback. I was leaning toward a military type pack but wasn’t sure how comfortable they would be. The 60-80 miles could very well be on the short side for me. I travel several hours from my home quite often while at work. If something happened where i had to walk home it could take me a while. Truth is i will not be able to carry EVERYTHING i might need to get home. The food alone to travel just 60 miles on foot would take up a majority of the room in a pack. KOS I’m with you on the camel backs. The water gets pretty warm from your body heat and i have had a few that leaked or got punctured. I prefer the stainless water cans to carry water as you can boil water in them or make a still for water purification if you had to. I thought about the body armor rig but something like that would draw a lot of attention riding around in my truck. I get in some pretty shady parts of town on a regular basis and that would just be one more thing to attract thugs. Thanks again everybody.