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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>matt76 wrote:</div>Well I am rethinking the small backpack I keep in my truck just in case. It will hold plenty but really wasn’t designed with a looong walk in mind. I don’t intend to carry my whole garage on my back but i need something medium in size that i could comfortably carry say 60-80 miles if i had to. Not that a 60-80 mile hike would be comfortable but you know what I mean. Every article or review you read says xxxbrand is the best. Do any of you actually do a lot of backpacking and have any suggestions as to a good pack that will do what i need but not take up the whole back seat of my toyota p/u

matt …. You must be thinking of the backbreaker. The monster cfp90. It will take up the whole bed of a toyota. So what you do is find a pack half that size and stuff it inside the big one. Then you use the compression straps. That way you have 2 packs all the time. A small one for patrolling and a big one for hauling like a mule.