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Having listened to more discussion on this on the radio than I should have, the most infuriating part is the absolute sense of entitlement on the part of illegals, that simply because they want to be here and have been here for a while, that we have to let them stay and be made legal. Our borders mean nothing to them. That the rest of us have to support most of them means nothing, That most are uneducated, even illiterate in many cases, and unskilled means nothing to them. Of course all of the examples ever paraded in front of the cameras are the exceptional folks who really are making something of themselves. They never use as the face of this movement someone who’s been here for 10 years and still can’t speak English or read. Another part that infuriates me is the relative lack of discussion on the fact that as soon as these folks are legal, they will be entitled to earned income credits when filing their tax returns. Also, ‘Bams said they have to be here for 5 years, but he didn’t say he was going to deport those who aren’t. It means each year there will be a new crop qualifying under the 5 year rule. I can see a whole industry materializing falsifying documents to prove folks who just arrived have been here for 5 years. I also expect many will figure out how to get the full array of welfare benefits Uncle Sugar provides. If they broke the law coming here and suffered no consequences, what’s to stop them from doing a little more cheating to get those benefits? How many will now be emboldened to register to vote?