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Good topic so far. I like what magellan2004 ask what to do when people go rogue. Great question-
I have been actively looking to build or join a group in my area. I believe that a retreat is almost essential to success. I met a guy online at preppergroups.com and we shared a few emails and then met for a discussion. We have had several emails and a few more phone conversations. I then had a phone conversation with his son (grown) then a second call in which we decided to get the families together to see how it all went. My family and his son’s family got together for a little bowling and a meal on a Sunday afternoon. We are moving slowly and I think the only way to build trust is to put in the time. The problem I am afraid is time is growing short. The guy I originally met has roughed out a sort of “Membership Agreement” document that we have been working on refining as a sort of guide. It is all very rough draft status and seems to help with the discussion.
Here is the document: very general and very rough ( 1st iteration)- my comments are in red-

Thoughts on accepting members…Perhaps this would be a different document, but I would want other Christians that are like minded, perhaps that goes without saying, just a thought. What size group are you considering?
Property Owners and Participating Members
Property Owners are tasked with paying for and developing the retreat with infrastructure: a barn, cellar, orchard, garden, fencing, storage, some tools, equipment and animals. Owner will also participate intellectually, do workdays and preparations. I am not sure if you wanted this to be a complete list, but may want to add water and power issues- I’m sure there are others.
Participating Members are tasked with helping monetarily, intellectually, workdays and preparations.
Participating Members contributions will be:
1. Monetarily
Contribute $500 (or 50 extra work hours) towards retreat projects. Cash due upon tax return (by June 1st) or hours worked by July 15th . All participating members vote on how to use the money or work for the retreat. Is this per family or person?
2. Intellectual
Attend planning meetings as needed no more than once a quarter. Skype works.
Commit to become an expert in some needed agreed upon skill. They would provide tools, planning and training to multiply that skill within the group. Do you see this for everyone above a certain age- just adults or just head of Family?
3. Workdays
At least eight 10+ hour group workdays a year (includes all family members)
4. Preparations (can be stored at retreat when needed) Thoughts on Group preps- like water filtering (if needed) or is that infrastructure? Group preps or individual preps for charity if any?
a. Band-Aids
Medical and personal supplies for your family for SHTF. If you will need it you better have it. TP to Tylenol, toothpaste to Triple-ointment and bathing supplies to band-aids.
b. Bullets- I was talking with a former marine friend of mine and he suggested needing many more rounds. He indicated a standard patrol load was about 300 AR rounds and one could go through 120 during a single firefight quite easily. In fact he said as soon as they had contact, they would request back up and resupply. In his words “You don’t know if an engagement will last an hour or 4 days.
Weapons: full size pistol-40 S&W or 357 sig (250+rd.), Ruger 10/22 (250+rd.), Shotgun 12 ga. Pump high capacity ( #4 buck or up 100+shells), Winchester 30/30 (200+ rd.), 9mm pistol for conceal (250+rds.), AR-15 (500+ rds.) Are you suggesting these weapons per family or per person? A bit confused by the caliber difference for the full size and conceal- is this for ammo variety? I would also suggest a group standard- The 12 Gauge for instance- either the Mossberg 500 or Remington 87- a lot of them around and they are very reliable. Also, may want to consider a cross bow and a higher end air rifle or two for the group- quiet and good for pest removal
c. Beans
Goal of 6mo. and ultimately 1yr. of food stores for each family.
Julie Languille’s “Prepper’s Food Storage: 101 Easy Steps to Affordably Stock a Life-Saving Supply of Food.
Acquire 365 jars and lids per person. Makes sense now-
d. Any other needs… bedding, books, clothes, equipment, tools, silver, barter, etc. Do you see each family having pots and pans and such for prep of own food or more of a group type prep and meal- perhaps larger pots, pans and bowls would be needed. Weird idea, but it came to mind, so there it is.
e. What are your thoughts about group training as a part of preparation? As we discussed during our first meeting, I do not have a strong background in tactics, patrol and security related items. I do not know who all you are considering for the group, but it may be prudent to dedicate some time as a group to some level of training on the retreat security element. I tend to focus on my weakest areas. I am not talking about running through the woods “Playing Army” with AR’s. I’m discussing more along the lines of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the farm and its’ location, avenues of approach, where to locate an OP/LP and how to patrol. How and where to egress if needed. Anyway.. you get the idea.

1. Place to retreat for safety when the SHTF.
2. Be a part of a group with a plan, skills and preps.
3. Participate in growing a hog, goat, cow, chickens, a garden and orchard for your food now and once SHTF.

All of your items stored at Retreat are yours and yours alone. You may take with you if you leave the group. If SHTF, your items might be used as a last resort only if you unfortunately do not show up for 1 year. If you do show up, ever, you would be compensated at what you deem the value or your items would be replaced. I certainly understand your point here, but if someone does not show up for a year… I don’t know, something is bugging me about this.

Your son asked me a question during our first conversation about what I had in mind as far as an “End State” for my family on the retreat. Did I want to build something, live in the house, barn camper or what? I told him I had no idea as I had not thought that far out. I said that there are levels of survival and that I would be willing to endure most anything to keep my family safe. I did discuss with him that I had seen some thoughts on the subject in articles or books or somewhere along the way. One point was that if things were to get truly major long term “reset” type of event, then folks would likely not have anything to go back to. One of the articles had suggested that folks that came to the retreat, in the event of a total collapse would end up with a place on the edge of the property that they could build a house/cabin or something. My thought is if things get that bad, when the dust settled, there would likely be plenty of property available after things started to get normalized. Not sure if it is something worth addressing in this document, but it may be.