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i agree with lots of the points above. i just want to reiterate that the price of oil the way it is, has **** all to do with hurting russia.

they are stock piling fuel, and its the biggest red flag you could ask for in regards for war.

russia already threatened to invade saudi arabia last year during the syria crisis. and its no secret russia is moving away from the petro dollar and bigger trade with asia.

a false flag or even a legit attack from another country during xmas, before the economic reports come out in january, would inspire millions of christians to support the war, and when people like me point out that it could be bullshit, i will get lynched. I have already pointed out to more than a few people that the violence on cnn in regards to isis wreaks of propagandized bullshit. just like during 911 when we saw people dancing in the street in the mid oil east celebrating the attacks. and people to this day are in denial over it.

regardless of how awake people on this forum, or the survival community in general are, youve still got to admit that we are a minority compared to the majority who have zero clues.

and yea. mountain biker/underground, this executive order thing in regards to immigration is definitely a watch my left hand routine.

watching the reaction of my zombie family to those executions… sealed the deal for me… their fear completely overided their critical thinking, and all i could get out of them was, “im not going to lay down and die like that”. i have never in my 30 years on this rock seen that kind of violence on public television… its very obviously emotional manipulation, sucking blood from the critical thinking part of the brain to the emotional center…

every xmas i have ever been a part of… we always gather round the television for xmas cartoons and parades…

you couldn’t ask for more eye balls than xmas morning television…

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.