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bah, last year around april, they estimate a group of people tried to take down a power relay station with high caliber rifles, in silicon valley. if they had gone the extra mile, they would not have been able to relay power through other sub stations.

they did not report or advertise this for three months after the fact. then the feds said it was nothing, don’t worry about it….

year before they caught a guy who was unbolting power lines, (the big metal ones), and pulling them down with his truck, cannot remember exactly how many times he did it before he got caught, under a dozen times.

truth is a nut doesn’t need to do it from cyber space… I think the matrix movie hit the nail on the head, one system built on another etc etc.

only a matter of time before some nut job succeeds.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.