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74… It seems like a big boiler so I was wondering about the btu output and the firing rate on the nozzle. Are you going to antifreeze the lines? Mine is getting close to the end and I may replace it in a year or three for better efficiency although its shut down in the winter. Its over 50 years old. How old is yours btw. Are you replacing because it has leakage problems or its an antique. Mine is definitely an antique. The controls on it look like they would survive emp, very old design, but they were built to last. We only use it for short periods in the fall and spring, so it doesnt make much difference, except I’ll save a lot of bucks not replacing it. I like the thought of new looking though if I decide to sell. I could do the replacement myself and its tempting. But its work. At least 2-4 thousand by the time I’m done fersure. yes no yes no its really a tossup for me. lol