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oh boy, this is going to be an unpopular statement, so i apologize in advance.

our quality of life here in the west, is directly dependent on our ability to exploit other countries and cultures. we are an empire.

so when i say the world gets fair really quickly if we pull out, i mean just that, we are no longer tipping the scales in our favor. the peoples who are currently being exploited would be instantly better off, things would get fair.

when obummer or whoever gets on stage and says “we go to protect the american way of life” they are absolutely telling the truth. but knowing that your way of life comes at the direct cost of another… is an unpopular thought… especially to those who consider themselves good people (look at extreme animal rights activists). it is also the same thing with QE and the money printing, they are delaying what should have happened years ago, in essence giving people more time in the sun, preserving their way of life.

the symbol of the pyramid that is on american currency, is a symbol of this. funneling resources to the top. in other words, it is a symbol of slavery and exploitation, of power over people. And so long as we live in that system of fiat, we are slaves. No matter how high on the pyramid you are, your a slave. The ones at the top, are dependant on those at the bottom, and so slaves to the system themselves. The only way out, is to live in abject poverty, most people are unwilling to do this.

its just my opinion, but i do not believe the pyramids, where a tomb, so much as a “look what i can do/did”, look at the power i wielded.

once again, i apologize, this will be an unpopular statement.

i have made peace with what i am in regards to other people in the world, and i understand their frustration and anger at being exploited. hence the latin phrase above. I lived a long time in poverty as a choice, no liscence, no car, no girls, and the same cloths for years, because of my ethical delima, once i was very spiritual.

it was only this last summer, when i was being tracked by a pack of wolfs, that i really accepted this. Over and over again in my mind, man is a wolf to man. the howling just got closer and closer, it was dark, and scared me to death. The howling stopped about 300 yards away. I thought I was fucked, but they never attacked.

re reading this, i realize how crazy that sounds. but i went to the woods looking for answers, looking for gold. and its not like the epiphany came from lsd. *lol was sober as a judge.

i still believe in morals and ethics, co operation, working together and the value of human life, right and wrong.

but i also know, that on the flip side, when the chips are down, and there is only one glass of water left on this planet, that man is a wolf to man. (there will be a war)

I am not ashamed to admit it, but i cried hard that night. Because i realized that no matter how good a person i thought i was, my existence comes at the direct cost of another, and i worry to no end about where i may draw the line between survival, and being a good person.

Months and months back, Selco talked to me about this, (might have been under one of my aliases sorry) and I am very grateful to know that I am not the only one who struggles with this dilemma. I have been working very hard, trying to develop a stratagem that will allow me to retain some sense of humanity for whats coming in our near future. i don’t so much care about what other people think of me, aside from my father. But i do care what I think of me, however narcissistic that sounds.

I don’t know if what I am cooking up will work, I know it is high risk, and that I will very likely die trying, but it sounds easier than living with myself if forced into a situation of desperation, and giving up my last inch.

*rant rant* you guys asked.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.