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I’m not quite following the fairness reference either.

I think for the US to stop being the world’s cop that we’d need to also withdraw from the globalism that our economy is so intertwined with because much of our military extension really is there to protect our economic interests. I know they cast it in humanitarian terms, but $ is usually behind what is deemed important. Remember the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda a few years back? We more or less looked the other way. No important economic interests in Rwanda. Bringing manufacturing back to the US from China and other 3rd world hell holes might re-vitalize the middle class, but it would also mean we give up the Walmart cheap imported crap model. I imagine the all-powerful defense industry could be re-tooled into a domestic fortress America mode rather than the global projection mode it is currently in. Lessening our influence in the Middle East would require focusing on domestic energy, and the eco folks would have to accept coal fired power plants, pipelines to transport gas etc and all of the alternative energy sources they say they support while at the same time fighting every single proposed wind, solar, and hydro project. Personally I’m game for some isolationism in combination with a withdrawal from the globalism economic model, but the Titans of Wall Street will never allow it.