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The Road, The Stand, Book of Eli, On The Beach, Contagion. All of these are grim & disturbing. None nearly as much as the Road, for as much as humans tried to survive, mother earth gave up……so it was a lose lose situation. The BBC discussed a recent report just yesterday on the volunteer resolve & kindness of people toward total strangers; the most giving nation in the world….it was the USA. The books mentioned above certainly dispel the notion of our humanity in desperate catastrophic situations. A few show a glimmer of hope. Certainly a lot of the Tylers of the world, such as the jerk on Doomsday Preppers, show that bad guys will abound. However all of these have helped me glean tidbits of helpful information for my continued preparedness planning. Actually, the best reading materials were the documents my father brought home on the gov’t plans to rebuild the United States after a nuclear event. These were materials from the 50’s & 60’s & scared the Bejesus out of me. He helped to coordinate plans that led to our Interstate road system, development of FEMA, etc. A big issue was how to continue the U.S. Mail postal system. Of course, he would have been horrified to know I was sneaking his publications. I will never forget the Bay of Pigs events & his starting to bring home flood, H2O, guns/ammo, etc, & my mom with seven kids saying years later that it was all for naught, as we lived 20 miles outside of DC. BOOM

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