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Boy there are so many good ones tho.

Book Of Eli.

Sounds morbid, but my favorite part was in the beginning of the movie when Eli warns the bandit not to touch him again and then cuts his hand off. Took me a while but I figured out that sword technique, its all in the wrist, a razor sharp edge, and the surprise he didn’t see coming, (its more of a sword parry technique that starts in a scabbard). Eli is a great example of an ethical warrior struggling with how to conduct his life in hell on earth.

The character also demonstrates economy of motion. Cats, especially big cats, move with purpose, never expel any energy, until !BAM! Speed and technique come out, then right back to being relaxed.

Weak points, well obviously even tho Eli is trained well, no one so much as throws a rock at him, and I expect if SHTF on that level there will be very few bandit groups preforming direct ambushes, instead they will probably go to full on, un manned traps/booby traps etc.

Carnegie is also a great example of a person who knows how to use two power bases, be it un ethically. Coercion, which on its own would have never worked, and knowledge power. If SHTF you absolutely will run into these types, regardless of whether the government is functioning or not.

My second fav is 28 days later. Ebola rabies for the win.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.