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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>hillbilly chic wrote:</div>as a person i just loved margret thatcher she was just a cast iron old chic no nonsense didnt take none didnt give none

I liked Maggie too. She and Reagan made a great team. I was appalled when ‘Bams snubbed her funeral by only sending a low level delegation that was the equivalent of the delegation he sent to Hugo Chavez’s funeral a month earlier. Equating Thatcher with Chavez was an extremely petty thing to do. Then he personally went to Mandela’s funeral. Maggie stood side by side with Reagan staring down the Soviet Union. Mandela never did a thing for the US. The two closest friends the US has in the entire world are the UK and Canada, and ‘Bams snubs the UK like that. I’m fine if he disagrees with her politics, but the President of the US needs to be Presidential and in this case he certainly was not.