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its truely a pleasure to be allowed a window into the lives and hearts of you all your storys have all touched my heart and for that im truely greatful resillence and courage and an unwillingness to give up seem to permeate all your personal stories makes me proud to be aquainted with you allmy family growing up was not affectionate i guess we all assumed we loved oneanother like ron my mother couldnt say i love you so on my 21 birthday she sat at the kitchen table and cried as she wrote she loved me in the bday card never had as good a bday since that day then i decided this would not carry on with my children or family i wouldnt then or till now let us part without a kiss on the cheek and i love you being said my oldest brother comitted suicide and oone of the most precious things to me was eventho i hadnt seen him for 3 years in my spirit i knew i needed to see him so i made the trip i got to say i loved him before i left and before he did thanks for shareing all yall