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A big bad black dude here was killed when he was stabbed thru the ribcage with a 2 inch penknife. He was threatening this other smaller white guy at a party who was afraid of him, for good reason. He died five minutes later while trying to leave the scene. The white guy was aquitted by a jury. You really just gotta know where to stab, I guess. It was interesting hearing in the video how fast people go into shock. The big bad black trayvon thought he was going to beat the white guy to a pulp and suddenly the tables were turned against him. His last words were …i’m going to get you for this, and then he collapsed dead. 19 or 20 years old, went to a party he wasn’t invited to. tsk tsk good riddance.

I’d like to have a 6 inch cold steel with a titanium handle, but its probably out of my price range.