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I have the arctic 5 man tent with a liner to use for winter camping, it takes a Yukon wood stove which is just the right size. I used an M1941 round stove one time and unless its -20F its much to hot. It would work better in the 10 man tent. The m1941 with kero/diesel/fuel oil in 5 gal jerry cans could heat a big wall tent, but I wouldn’t want to sleep with it on. M1941 is an obsolete model though and there a newer one, SHA. I think the m1941 also can burn coal with the heavy grate it has. I never tried it.

These heaters work well because there’s someone watching them in shifts. When everyone decides to sleep the tent gets cold very quickly. Its nasty having to get out of a warm bag and start the fire in the morning. lol

It looks like the H45 and the m1941 are almost the same stove but not quite. The m1941 is the one that will burn coal and has an adapter kit to multifuel. The H45 is annother version. The later one is the SHA space heater arctic. Its more squareish but works like the H45. My reference to the M1941 is TM 10-725 dept of the army.

Sorry for the confusion among the three heaters. Door a b or c take your choice. Wood coal kero to jet fuel. The military thinks of everything.