Goes to The Ammo Issue vs. Do You Have The Heart….

Just saw a documentary about our guys in Afghanistan.

About a dozen guys in a puny little outpost whose sole mission appeared to be to keep the convoy/supply road open. Along comes a supply convoy that is 400 trucks long…

The Hadjis decided that they the only way to attack the convoy successfully was to take a separate group and also attack the puny outpost to keep the Americans busy.

The firefight lasted 12 hours. The Americans spent most of their time “trying to achieve fire superiority” – which is just mil-speak for “we overwhelmed them with bullets”. The Americans also had air support – attack helicopters and fighter aircraft.

At the end of the firefight, the Hadji KIA body count was +/- 30 bad guys…. even with air support. In fact, the Apaches fired everything they had, went home to reload, came back and fired everything they had again… And they still only ended up greasing about 30 bad guys. Most probably from the air attacks.

The Americans had to count up and report all the rounds expended during the 12 hour firefight. Their Battalion asked for a recount because they didn’t believe the number reported. They were incredulous that less than a dozen guys could smoke off that much ammo in one firefight…

The Hadjis learned how to more or less neutralize air attacks – or at least keep attacking during air attacks while taking minimal casualties. Instead of attacking in squad or larger sized elements, they broke down into 2 or 3 man teams and attacked from multiple directions. They also fired from loopholes about the size of a playing card and exposed very little of themselves – the helicopters could not see something that small. Sure, they could bomb the crap out of a building, but which building?

The Hadjis had no air support or resupply and fought smart – attacking in small groups, they kept the Americans from piling all their defenses in one spot.

Second, they would fire a little, which caused the Americans to hurl back a wall of bullets in response – make them spend their ammo. One of the defending Americans said at the end that “if the Hadjis knew how low they were on ammo, they could have walked across the street in complete safety and taken their little fort”… they burned off the vast majority of their ammo trying to “achieve fire superiority” and accomplished very little doing it…


– No matter how “awesome” your fort is, given enough time, someone will figure out a way to attack it.
– No matter how much ammo you have, you need more.
– Don’t fire unless you have a target to shoot at.
– You won’t have any air support.
– You won’t have any resupply.
– Fight smart.
– If the Bad Guys have enough guys, resources and time, the “Fortress” mentality will get you killed, eventually.

Oh, and the convoy was going by the whole time… many of the trucks were shot to pieces, and a few got taken out down the road (judging by the columns of thick black smoke), but most made it.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1