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Brulen, The”Obama supports a UN treaty to disam the American people. Asserts treaty over Constitution.” is over! Obama can’t override the U. S. Constitution with execute order, he can’t change the Constitution. So the U. N. treaty is dead. Also there has been more guns sold in the last six years then the last 20 years or more. Obama has been the best thing that has happen for the gun shops.

2. Russia and China use their own currencies in energy deal and dump the dollar.
Well that was something to think about before but not now since the U. S. is booming in oil right now to the point that oil has gone down. You see it all over the gas prices have gone below $3. Obama doesn’t have control over that. This has also helped the dollar stay strong for now. The Chinese and Russians didn’t think about this. This will also slow the collapse that Obama wanted!

3. Fuel prices in the US drop making shale oil unprofitable. US stock markets rigged to hide the losses. This is like every business, when the prices goes down below production companies stop the production( same as OPEC, they stop or slow down there oil production to pull the price up) so the shale oil will come right back into business the minute oil goes up so OPEC will have a very hard time to pull the oil prices up again since they now know this may happen anytime prices of oil go up. Shale oil is here to stay now and it will turn on every time oil goes up.

This is a very big problem for the elites that want the economy to collapse. The oil dollar will not come down now since we have so much oil.

This is why I think the system has taken a turn. The elites now are thinking that it will take more time to take the dollar down so there options are changing. Option 1 is an EMP attack to end the economy and option 2 is a cyber attack.