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Meanwhile ‘Bams is trying to do more one sided deals with the Chinese….we give and they take.

My understanding is that China has mapped all of our key utility (including water) infrastructure. They have infiltrated our financial systems and govt.entities. China has been preparing for cyberwar, conventional war, and I wouldn’t be surprised if also biowar. They don’t need to nuke us or even do an emp if they could shut us down with cyberwar capabilities. They cannot feed their own population anymore nor can they produce all of the energy they need. They have run out of clean water and have hopelessly polluted their air. They need land and resources and they have been building the capabilities to take it where and as they want it. The US is the only thing that stands in the way of what they see as their destiny. The Chinese harbor old grievances against the West from colonial days and against Japan from WWII. I read of an extensive tunnel system with tracks to move missiles so as to make it all but impossible to take them all out. There have been reports of massive stockpiling of imported raw materials.

I hope and pray that the US has the ability to fend off a full throttle opening volley WWIII cyberattack, but it is hard to be confident when we see successful hacks repeatedly. Maybe we have allowed those attacks to succeed rather than to show our hand? Hope springs eternal as they say.