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The prudent steps to be taken now regardless of the “bug”, or any other situation requiring us to hunker down or self quarantine, ie, a possible Furguson event, are every day common sense & no hoodoo voodoo. Many of us have either ourself or a family member, a chronic illness. In addition to our food & water acquisitions, every day over the counter medications & medical supplies should be stocked, & I’m not talking about 1 bottle of cough syrup and a box of bandaids. A few weeks, a month, or possibly more, a case of the flu making the rounds in your family, or a small cut or splinter festers into a life threating infection, and you’re cut off from community medical resources or they are non-existent, mandates your need to stock up now. Determine who in your family or your close knit group of other preparers has basic medical training training, I.e., EMT, or more basic First Responder training. If someone does, ask if they will be available in an emergency when there is no doctor or dentist, and offer to help obtain their supplies. Basic supplies for EMTs & MEDICS, are costly if needed for more than immediate family. For me personally, meeting needs for regular supplies are being affected by medical supply needs. Odd, putting suture & dental repair kits on a Christmas wish list. It wouldn’t hurt to sign up for a local CERT class; great way to learn where local resources are & a good way to rub elbows with the local First Responder community. Many state EMS sites have on-line basic 1st aid classes. There are many that are free on-line through youTube. States offer these so their EMTs & MEDICS can gain new info, or keep up their existing skills. With the colder winter expected & the possibility of medical & civil emergencies it just makes sense to supply & train now. By the way, remember your Farm friends & family have some medical training & medications. Many have learned from their Vets on how to manage chronic and emergent events. Just a few musings of mine on this cold morning. ValleyGal

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