In a SHTF scenario, I seriously doubt Joe Baggadonuts and his hardy band of heroes will be going up against bonafied Combat Engineers.

And many rural folks have their own earth moving equipment. The guy across the street from me has a couple dozers, a gawdawful big backhoe, a trencher, a ground saw… so, making really big obstacles is a doable thing, so long as the diesel holds out…

Infinite monkeys – you get enough people together for a long enough period of time, and eventually one of them will figure out how to overcome or bypass your obstacles. Hunkering down with a “fortress” mentality will get you and yours very dead. Even the walls of Constantinople fell… they stood tall for a thousand years, but eventually someone figured out a way to knock a hole in them, and then the Turks rampaged in the city for 3 days – killing anything that moved…

These are meant as a deterrent… if you build them right, it will take an incredible effort to go through them safely. Anyone willing to build defensive works in depth probably has the bodies and the firepower to back it up…

Soooo… pack a lunch.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1