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The problem is the US always looks to military solutions to fix its trade deals. Big trouble ahead.
Russia and China have a new deal for Russia to export Siberian gas to China over the next 30 years.
Same fields that supply Europe and the Ukraine.
Obama supports a UN treaty to disam the American people. Asserts treaty over Constitution.
Large scale hacking by China happening all over the US.
Obama makes a deal to limit China carbon emissions. China makes the deal to keep the US out of its internal affairs.
Obama floods the country with illegals through executive actions thus bankupting even more cities that can’t provide services.
Russia in retaliation for the Ukraine war of secession starts sending bombers to test US borders.
Congress can’t impeach Obama. It takes a super majority. The communist party aka democrats refuse to remove Obama. US national debt continues to explode.
Russia and China use their own currencies in energy deal and dump the dollar.
Fuel prices in the US drop making shale oil unprofitable. US stock markets rigged to hide the losses.