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I live in what is my BOL and don’t have anywhere else to go. I could walk long distance somewhere if I had to but my wife is past doing that. We are where we are come what may, though I took that into consideration when we chose this place. We chose property that could produce food and made sure the house was big enough for others to join us. My son & wife will definitely join us. I hope my daughter & family will too but they’re about 850 miles and 6 States away, so that is far from assured. My son has talked abut a couple of his survivalist friends joining us which is OK with me. His friends have a BOL a couple hours from here but my understanding is that the set up isn’t as good as mine. I wish I knew how to go about organizing my neighborhood ahead of time. If folks bought in, great, if not, I’m then the neighborhood crazy and everyone knows I’m prepped.