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Rule #1 have guns
Rule #2 have friends with guns.

In a SHTF situation having an organized group that trains and prepares together is a must.
Individuals stand little chance.
The key is to evacuate and ride out the storm elsewhere.
There are two types of “bugging”, out & in.

Bugging in may be appropriate during a natural disaster of limited scope.
Bugging out may be required in a collapse of law and order situation.

In either event, having friends that can assist with security and their own preps is asset.
Anyone in the Dallas metroplex area that is interested in such a group please PM me.
We have a group about 50 strong. We train, prep, and have a bug out hunting ranch hours outside
the Dallas area. Vetting processes occur. I’m new here so I understand the skepticism.
We seek about 10 more members. Medical/military training a plus but not a must.
Must have (or plan to have) 90 days of preps for you and your family.
Ability/willingness to participate in monthly training required. (we’re not ridged on this but expect participation)

Be without fear in the face of your enemies.
Be brave and upright that God may love thee.
Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.
Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.