Magellan2004, Selco: Thank you for your replies. At least you have validated my initial thoughts of how to begin.

I chose Mutual Assistance Group as a way to start the group and then make myself (and hopefully others) available to assist others in our neighborhood in a time of need. For example: deaths or illness, special needs, yard upkeep for elderly, help with home maintenance, etc.

This way we get to know one another. Learn what their needs are and what their skills are. It would start out small by doing small projects as being neighborly. If the need is for more skilled help, i.e., plumbing, electrical, etc., then maybe a barter system… I’ll do this for you if you do that for me.

As time goes by and the world changes, perhaps for the worse, it could transform into something else altogether.
OPSEC is key without a doubt! How one picks and chooses members during the “transformation” will be the most difficult I imagine and worse yet what about those who have not been “chosen”?