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oh yea… absolutely agree that communications will go down before any attack (stop that pesky internet from posting videos of any false flag, so they can blame whoever they want). the internet has been the greatest tool for freedom ever in our history. lots of people out there are collecting data, encyclopedias, indeed whole library’s, even cataloging web pages and profile from the internet (not just intelligence agencys).

a faraday cage is a good thing to know how to make. a little insulation, cardboard maybe, wrapped in 40 layers of tin foil, and placed in a cardboard box with one layer of tinfoil should do for any sensitive micro chips. Couldnt hurt to also have it in a static proof bag.

after communications go down, we get to really see the power of propaganda and the ability of intell people to stir **** up…

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.