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in refrence to ,could you pull the trigger,as i said earlier we come up ruff, my home was a battle field daddy was a mean drunk with ordances coal miner lot of gun play and jelly and earthmover terror was what you breathed day in and out their right for a time in my life i did some serious self medicating to survive when i figured out why i was doing it ,and alot of prayer and a great deal of help from the good lord i quit sticking needles in my arms but i was still messed up in the head took alot of years to get it copesitic had to change playmates and playgrounds if u get my meaning during that time i made bad desicions and payed the priceone was after many days of calls and begging one of our old friends that i knew was trouble persuaded me and my x to come meet his new ole lady very hesitantly i went along [first mistake should have trusted my gutt] upon arrival were introduced our friend wants to go to mountains take pics of leaves changing for a friend who had to get outta dodge on the car ride back friend says he just got back from florida didnt say with another woman that looked a lot like me pulled back up to his home we all go inside new ole lady walks in with laundry basket says his dog ate one of the pups upon returning from other room brandishes weapon starts shooting at me kinda pee’d me off then shot at my husband really got me upset so i tried my best to kill her pretty big gunfight but barley had enough bullets second lesson learned carry plenty extra ammo this was off the wall violence mistaken idenity but ide of been just as dead if hit lesson three stuff happens best be prepared ive been in several gunfights never hesitated to pull trigger im not saying theres not a terrible price to pay for the snatching away of a human life its immesurable but if they come to steal my life or my loved ones life they better know they have put theirs in forfit for the opportunity and like i say what ever you can afford i know what ill do just sayin