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Welcome, Vep.

I’m also big on human and sail powered vessels. I know of the intracoastal waterway that goes from Canada and the US. I have always dreamed of taking a boat from the Great Lakes through the ICW to the Gulf of Mexico. :) Here’s some more information for people that have never heard of the ICW or the Great Loop.


My sailing, canoeing and kayaking experience is on the Pacific Coast between the San Juan Islands to the south and Glacier Bay to the north. Most of my experience is on the lower and central coast of BC. I love the area. I have missed the ocean over the last eight years living inland.

I very much agree that the ocean is a wonderful place of plenty for the knowledgeable. I have always been surprised at how I can go on the water and leave civilization — and all the people behind. The water is a great barrier for 98% of people. Don’t get me wrong. The water can be an evil place that serves up death to the unwary. But there is so much space up in the north. People have no idea how big the country really is when you get away from the cities and roadways.