I have never liked gi or scouts mess kits.

For the most part they’re designed around field kitchens not actually cooking a meal in the outdoors.

The scouts versions are a little better but are set up for kids not adult eating/cooking.

Many years ago I switched from mess kits to a billy pot (with lid) and a stainless MSR pot and lid (2qt). With the bily pot I can boil my water, make a little soup, and such.
With the stainless pot, I can cook enough for me and others, and my stove and a couple pair of extra socks fit inside nicely along with a portable radio. Mini faraday cage.
The ss pot lid makes a handy fry pan if needed, a plate, a cover, etc.

Unlike gi kits, I can store fragile items inside the pots, like the radio, my tea cup, etc.

I also keep a frisbee in my kit, not only the obviou uses, but it makes an excellent plate in camp. Stiff enough to carry a lot of food, and cut on, the rim keeps food from spilling off unles you really upend it.

Much depends on how you are cooking/preparing your food as to what may work best. Where is also a consideration.