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MB, Brother, I believe there are two reasons why people don’t “see” what we here see. One is denial in which the person simply refuses to accept that a threat is real, while the other is avoidance in which a person knows a threat exists but chooses to ignore it as it is too difficult or painful to acknowledge as it would require them to make dramatic changes in their life to deal with the threat.

In the end, I agree with you that trying to change someone’s mind about becoming a prepper is pointless. We cannot begin to save everyone we would love to save, so as preppers we have to accept that and do what you have done which is to move on, focusing on our survival along with anyone who shares our belief in the coming collapse.

What will be hard for many of us is that after the collapse, many of us will be approached by people we know, maybe even family members, who want to join your group once they are forced to admit that a collapse has occurred. My personal opinion is that taking in people who are totally unprepared will lead to our own death and those with us who took steps in advance to be as ready as possible. Each of us will have to decide how to deal with that scenario if we are faced with it. It is not pleasant nor is it easy but we should be mentally prepared to deal with it as it is a real possibility.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!