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Vep, the good news is that to the extent the relatives have gone prepper, the less they’ll be coming to you anyway. I stopped talking to anyone in my family about this stuff long ago. I had grown weary of my prepper ways being a source of amusement when we had family gatherings. After he died I found out that the only brother who didn’t join in had quietly done a little prepping himself. Not much but it was something. I saw this when I cleaned out his house. My son is totally in sync with me and so he and I talk. My daughter & her hubby politely ignore me on this topic but I recently sent them another pitch on what they need to be doing and why. I think I’m going to buy them a Big Berkey for Christmas whether they think they need it or not. Interestingly, all of my brothers have guns. In fact I was the last of the 5 brothers to get armed. I often wonder what it is that lets some of us see what most in our families just cannot see.