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There are no longer anymore the good deals on buying a used firearm like there used to be. The demand is so high it’s crazy.

One thing I got sick of was scared and worried relatives who’ve suddenly ‘gone prepper’ trying to bum a free gun off of me, figuring that I had ‘lots of them and wasn’t using them’. Yeah, I get guns for free off of my gun tree. One of my observations is that those who haven’t really bought guns before don’t understand how much they cost. Of, course, there was also the, “I’ll come hang out with you,” crowd. That wasn’t going to happen either.

I told everyone that I had gotten out of ‘prepping’ and guns altogether and I overtly sold into the recent panic most of my guns and ammo, bragging to all of my relatives about the money I made from it.

I discreetly stowed out of view what I needed and what I had already planned to keep. I lacked the room for all of that stuff anyway for quite some time now and had most of it in storage.

What I quietly kept was a couple of firearms, enough ammo to transport and stow discretely, plus some portable reloading and casting gear that stows very compactly.