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hello ron s. nice to meet you well i was a sixties child but i appreciate what your saying we never wore shoes in summer except to church of course and daddy killed a hog in the fall so some of us that needed em got shoes my husband still laughs at me says im only woman that could run bare foot thru a ditch of glass and not get cut ha! we didnt have power at the old pickett place toted water thought we was rich when we moved to the new house we called it never was finished inside but it wasnt a shotgun cabin with the chinking out and paper or whatever we could scrounge to plug the holesnone the less we had a proper driller well and a jam up bucket to draw water but on wash day i got tired there was 10 people to wash after then wrinch water too that and dumping the ash pan was my job i was 4.5.6. years old everybody had a job no questions asked do it or pay the price my daddy was irish and blackfoot he didnt play my momas cherokee and hungpapa life was tuff but our family was so tight we sensed the atmosphere in the room and instintually knew exactlly what the deal was people definately need to attune their senses in the times were livin in