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Welcome hillbilly chic. I was raised much as you were., except during a different era.We lived on a farm during WWII.. We had a little house out on the prairie too. Never did figure out why it had two holes as I never did see anybody else go in while it was in use. We milked our cows by hand, churned our own butter and also made lye soap. We used the lye soap on Saturday evenings before we went to town, kids first, then Mom and lastly Dad. After Dad was done, you couldn’t see the bottom of the wash-tub anymore.
We moved into town after the end of the war.We were reasonably well to do, I guess. I got a new pair of bib-overalls, a new shirt, and a new pair of shoes at the start of school and again at Christmas. Another family only got new shoes at the start of the school year. They tied their shoe-laces together, draped them around their neck and walked barefoot to school, even in the snow. There were 3 boys so they only bought one pair of shoes and the next two got hand-me-downs. They had a family emergency the third year we lived in town because the middle boy grew so much that he wore the same size shoe as the oldest so they had to buy two new pairs. The youngest boy made out like a bandit though as he had two pairs to grow into. Just had to use more Sears-Robuck pages in the toes to make them fit. Ron S