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For a little town (Manchester), I have never seen so many police. And whatever they say the speed limit is there, they mean it. That said, when my Dad died, never in my life have I experienced anything so respectful and moving. The funeral home was right on the entrance ramp to the interstate and when we came out of the funeral home the police had the highway blocked so that the procession could make an illegal turn across it, and then they had every intersection blocked going out of town so that the procession could move unimpeded. As we neared Tullahoma where the church and cemetery was, the Tullahoma police were waiting for us and they too blocked every intersection all the way to the church, and then they did it again when we went from the church to the cemetery. That was more than we had ever experienced in our lives but we were totally floored by the general public. My parents had only been there a couple years and nobody knew them but every car coming in the opposite direction to us just stopped where they were as we passed them. On Rt 55 between Manchester & Tullahoma, which is a 4 lane divided highway, every vehicle on the other side of the highway also stopped, including tractor trailers. As we went down the main drag in Tullahoma, everyone on the sidewalks stopped where they were and the men took off their hats. Much as I love New England, never in your wildest dreams would you see anything like that here. It’s been 19 years almost and just remembering all this has made me teary.

As for Dunlap, I think I’ve hit most of the bars there but I don’t remember their names, except one my friends called Lards. Let’s just say I was way overdressed which in combination with none of the regulars knowing me, I stuck out like a sore thumb. My friends picked me up at the airport and we stopped at Lards when we got into town. I was wearing dockers, a polo shirt, and topsider shoes and one old drunk tells me I’m not from around there. I tell him no I’m not. He’s sure I must be somebody important. I tell him no I’m not but he’s sure I am and finally settles for I must be from the other side of the mountain. We had a good time.