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namelus, sorry we are way passed that. that kind of pain with this much damage, the man would have to be sedated or pass out trying… something i get to look forward to in my future, if i live that long.

well im done surfing the net for answers, i am going to crack open a few encyclopedias… id rather something tried and true for inflammation, and a non reactive pain killer to go with it… than this two month dose of amitriptyline which it sounds like she wants to increase the dose over time… because surgery may take that long to happen… and from what i read increase in dose is increase in chances…

The pamphlet she sent home with him is insulting to say the least… and from what i gather about her reputation she has a real attitude, makes sense considering where she is from. Wish i knew where to go for a second opinion around here… best place is edmonton…

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