Is it about some organizing defense from you and other people that living there or you are talking about you only?
In my case it was big family house with people (family) that came from other places in that house when SHTF.
Depends, If we are talking about some organized defense it can be done easily in cases of civil unrest, heavy rioting with looting and everything else, but if we are talking about real widespread violence that continues for longer period then I would pay much more attention about making it to look looted, destroyed (from outside), blocked inside etc.
If you are talking about you only, then you need to have alternative ways in and out (neighborhood balcony for example) ways to block your entrance ( looted stuff, big furniture on corridors …) some false things that makes intruders think it is not worth it like look it looted, stench of corpses (animals) red paint, signs like mines, bio hazard etc.
And always keep your way out ready and clear, I mean always be ready to go (run).

In short: on short run, yea talk with neighbors and organize some defense there, on long run be very invisible and keep your exit way clear.