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74, everything depends on the given situation for what would work. When I suggested a sailboat, that mode of transport and housing would work in only some scenarios but not in other. Yes, if you are found out in the ocean you’re are a sitting duck. (This happens right now in some areas where heavily armed pirates in high speed boats take sailboats by force and throw the owners overboard.) But the deep ocean is a very big place and there’s lots of food and little competition for resources. (Please note: I have don’t have offshore sailing experience, though my husband does.)

As for small sailing craft, I have lots of experience. My favorite sailboat was a 16′ cuddy cabin sailboat, though I have had much bigger boats over the years. It had a centerboard which when pulled up drafted about four inches. The boat had a small outboard but it could be sculled, if needed. The boat could get into places no one could anchor and could be beached easily. This boat would be suitable for coastal use and could be easily hidden in estuaries or tiny bays that no one would even think of looking.

I love small human powered vessels such as kayaks and canoes which are suitable for coastal and interior rivers and lakes. They are easy to secure and hide. Kayaks are better for ocean and canoes are better for lakes and rivers. Kayaks can take a lighter load and are more difficult to load and unload. Depending on the canoe design, they can be load with 1000 pounds or more and are easy to load and unload. It’s important to get the right vessel for the right bug-out plan. If I was in the interior, I would use my canoe with skirt for travel. On the Pacific Ocean I would use a kayak.

These are just ideas. What would work, would be different for everyone because we all have different skills, interests and experience. Whatever happens in the future, will happen in the future. The best remedy for an uncertain future, is a fulfilling and happy present. Hopefully, we will be flexible enough in our thinking when the time comes, to be able to survive what the future holds for us.