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That is correct. We are now in the Shmitah and it ends 28 Sep 15. I pray He will bring us home then. The muslims believe the mahdi comes exactly 7 years later. The palistinians and isralis are planning a 7 year peace plan. The temple, however, is yet to be rebuilt. There is an exact replica in Brazil. The other day a member of the knesset visited the mount near the dome of the rock. Sharon was last to do this and it really riled up the rock throwers! Isis is planning on a 10 nation confederacy. Ten horns from revelations. The bloodlines of the levites are already traced and the priests are being trained. They only need a red heifer and the ark. The rumor is it was discovered under the temple mount covered in blood. They will not take it out because the rockthrowers will freak! The blood on the ark was analyzed to have only 23/24 chromosomes and after adding water to it was found to be living. This could only occur in a person with only one parent or immaculate conception. Things are getting pretty exciting.

I have an attachment for you tell me what you think. Some of it is clearly BS but there may be some nuggets of truth in there.

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