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I just find it funny at how people still think that this whole “global warming” thing is real. All of the “scientists” that worked on it have been found to either falsify or use falsified data, the “godfather” of the “global warming” movement has even come out and stated that he was wrong, the unaltered data contradicts what our “scientists” are saying, and lastly the only people that keep pushing this agenda are the ones that:

1) Make money off this whole fiasco
2) Don’t research things themselves and believe what they are spoon fed
3) Don’t care and support who they are told to support

Australians putting their heads in the sand is more of their common stance on world events than a protest against a faked global disaster (imo). All they need to do now is remove some more rights from their citizens to make everyone feel that much better about the whole thing…..

Now as I kick my soapbox back under my desk, I will resume my normally hateful stance toward governmental control of the masses through disinformation and oppression…. Carry on.