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74, I am remembering a wood stove I had in my basement at my former house. The folks I bought it from delivered and installed it, but when we were moving it was on me being I didn’t hire movers, but rather did it ourselves. I wasn’t going to leave it behind and so my son and I hauled it up the stairs ourselves, carried it up the ramp onto the rental truck, and then back down into my garage here in VT where it still sits. I already had a wood stove in the new house and didn’t have an immediate use for the old one but figured it would come in handy post-SHTF. Fortunately I had a second set of stairs from the basement up into the garage so we didn’t have to carry it through the house itself to get it outside. We had a bulkhead too but that opened into the backyard which would have made for a walk all the way around the house vs coming out into the garage. It was one of those “ready, lift, ready, lift” exercises as we brought it up one step at a time. We survived to tell the tale.